Adopting a holistic organizational development concept and focus.

Total Organization Development

As business becomes more and more a matter of defining an organization's mission and marshalling commitment to that mission—particularly in discontinuous and extenuating circumstances—so is fostering effective synergy of personal and organizational excellence for transformational organization change, leadership, and performance. This is a transformational process involving holistic development of the organization, a concept and approach that we see as total organization development.

By adopting the insights, solutions, models, and tools aimed at total organization development, organizational development interventions would impact organizational behavior holistically and sustainably—as they facilitate effective functional interdependences of people's actualizing attributes and excellence of organizational attributes.

Professionally, our forte is fostering effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes and integrating organizational facets in the process of total organization development of any business or organization for transformational change—in line with their strategic mission and competitive vision,—doing this in insightful and imaginative ways.

We have solid expertise in the following organizational development niche areas:

  • Organization Design, Health, and Effectiveness
  • Organizational Change and Transformation Management
  • High-Performing Culture Building
  • High-Performance Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development Internal Capacity Building
  • Human Resource Systems Review and Development
  • These areas—together with public service management, governance, service delivery and development,—are what our team, led by Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji, have been consulting on for several years in Nigeria and in some parts of Africa.

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    Collaborating with OD practitioners
    Advancing OD Practice

    We share total organization development insights and solutions of the highest quality to collaboratively advance the OD discipline.

    Concepts fosterig high-performance organizational development
    Key OD Concepts

    We adopt key organizational development concepts that align with total organization development for high-performance.

    Sustaining Organizational Development for high performance
    Integrated OD Framework

    The organizational development framework we adopt, the total organization development framework, integrates an appropriate OD model and process technology to help sustain organizational change, transformation and high performance.

    Making best choice with OD Synergy insights and solutions
    Technical Assistance

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    Principles act like the compass to navigate the course of an OD intervention project.

    Organizational Development Principles

    For any organizational development strategy or intervention worthy of attention, there should be sound and clearly specified guiding rules or principles. The guiding rules or principles act like the compass to navigate the course of an OD intervention project, using the right framework, tools and technology.

    The Commitment Principle
    Change Management
    The commitment of stakeholders to any organizational change or transformation management effort is, perhaps, the most important factor—after a vivid understanding and focus of the strategic situation.
    Principle of Learned Core Values
    Culture Building
    To be effective, core values used in culture building posters, podcasts and other messages should be integrated with the pervading organizational life and the strategic engagements of the organization.
    Organizational Design Actualizing Principle
    Organizational Effectiveness
    When actualizing human elements of your organization are effectively and strategically addressed,—your people would be positioned to sustain organizational effectiveness, leadership, and high performance.
    Brief notes offering organizational development and organizational behavioral insights

    OD Synergy Nuggets from our Recent Articles and Blog

    Here are some brief notes from our recent articles or posts offering organizational development and organizational behavioral insights. You would find them handy for creating and sustaining high-performing organizations, cultures, and teams, and organizational leadership, effectiveness and transformation.

    Blog Post
    September 30, 2021

    Psychological Detachment and Strategic Focus in Turbulent Times

    • What leaders do in turbulent times speak to the quality of their leadership and the character of their teams, businesses, governments or organizations.
    • In troubled times, executive leaders—and the executive leadership—need to exercise psychological detachment and strategic focus.
    Blog Post
    August 24, 2021

    Beware of the Escalation Syndrome

    • The escalation syndrome refers to a situation where an individual or a group of individuals continue to expend much-needed resources in the hope of achieving a desired result even when the situation is dire.
    • Top executives who keep allocating resources on a failing project in the vain hope of reviving it when there is little chance of turning things around, may be exposing themselves to the escalation syndrome.

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    Partnership towards desired strategic results

    Partner With Us

    We seek and welcome mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships to share, use and promote organiztional development insights, solutions and tools in the arena of organizational development, and organization research and interventions—to sustain high performing cultures, organizational change and transformation, and organizational leadership and performance, and to foster lasting strategic results in businesses.

    We want to develop strategic partnerships with the right kind of professionals and academics in organizational development internationally and welcome strategic alliances with relevant professional bodies, educational institutions, and software providers.

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